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Art for Social Change

“The Artist Will Not be Present” Exhibit- WSU Submission:

“The New Face of Incarceration” Quilt

My name is Jeannette – I am a fiber artist, a potter, a humanitarian, an environmentalist, an educated woman, and until 2017 an incarcerated woman at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

These are facts, however the messages I hope to convey are my passion for social justice and in specific gender issues that directly affect the booming rate of incarceration of women. The purpose of this quilt – “The New Face of Incarceration” is to open the conversation of the incarcerated woman.

According to The Sentencing Project the number of women in prison increased at nearly 1.5 times the rate of men (646o/o versus 419%) in the last decade. My platform is not to debate rather this is justifiable incarceration. The conversation that I hope arises is one surrounding the”whys’ and “how’s” – ultimately leading to a call of action by state and federal penal systems. How and why women are incarcerated is recognizably different than men. Those simple, yet multifaceted facts must be addressed if we hope to effectively re-enter women back into society and to reduce recidivism.

Thank you, for listening and for giving consideration to this very commanding issue.