Issue Briefs

New Connections Issue Briefs

  • 1-2 page documents highlighting key issues related to incarceration, homelessness, and/or reentry
  • provide background information and potential solutions for each issue
  • written by New Connections staff, interns and volunteers

Critical Documents for Reentry.  Many poor people, particularly those experiencing homelessness, are released from county and municipal jails without identification or the means to acquire ID.  Every correctional agency in Washington State should ensure that individuals have a state issued identification card upon release or should provide them with an identification card or documentation that can be easily exchanged for a state issued identification card upon release.  Created February 2018.  Read the Issue Brief here: Critical Documents

Alternatives to Money Bail.  Thousands of residents are currently behind bars not because they have been convicted of a crime, but because they have been arrested and charged with a crime. Most of them are charged with non-violent crimes, and have been granted bail. They remain in jail, sometimes for many months, solely because they are too poor to pay the required bail or bond amount.  Created October 2018.  Read the Issue Brief here: Money Bail

Please feel free to print and distribute these materials. We also welcome new information and will update materials as needed. Several other issue briefs are in process, use our contact form if you are interested in collaborating. We’ve included some related links below. Issue Briefs in the works:

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  2. Outstanding Warrants
  3. Civil Forfeiture
  4. 5 AM Release: Pierce County Jail
  5. Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs)
  6. J-Pay
  7. Electronic Monitoring